Consent Form Collection App

Consent Form Collection App

This app was custom developed for a small tattoo shop in New Jersey. The shop is located in cramped quarters, but state law requires them to have access, on premises, to all consent forms filled out by clients for the last seven years.

The owner wanted to move form collection into the digital world, but was unhappy with the overly-complex options available in the iOS app store. He approached me about creating a custom app to solve this problem.

The final app uses as much of the screen for user interaction as possible, displaying branding only when the keyboard is not on-screen. This is in contrast to other available apps which used so much of the screen for branding that the ease of completing the form was severely impacted.

Through smart placement of the required questions, ineligible clients are caught early in the process, before needlessly filling out information. The first entry is the client’s date of birth, followed by a photo of the client’s ID. Clients who are too young or did not bring legally-mandated ID are not allowed to progress in the app.
The required contact information is collected as well as information about medically-relevant conditions. Clients are able to review the information and sign the form on-screen. The forms are then securely transmitted to Google Docs, removing the cost and complexity of developing a custom server-side backend for the app. The forms are available to and searchable by shop staff using their existing desktop computer.

The app is fully localized in preparation for deployment to a secondary location where Spanish speakers are prevalent.

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