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I’ve dabbled with Noam Chomsky’s longer form writings for years, but found I rarely got very far into any given work. There are the one-off essays that can be found online and a couple of pretty well-done video compilations of talks (available on Netflix, even) that I have enjoyed. I’ve been meaning to read more for a long time, but I think I made little progress because his work does not make one proud to be an American. (Or, at least, it doesn’t make *me* proud and, I would hope, it wouldn’t make many others proud of our past actions either.) It’s depressing to truly realize one is part of a hypocritical terrorist state.

I’m nearly finished with Hopes and Prospects, and I did finish most of Manufacturing Consent, and I am pretty blown away by just how prescient these texts are considering they are mostly history books. Facing a Trumpian near-term future, I think the facts elucidated here are all the more important to be very familiar with. The patterns have not changed much, but the intensity has ebbed and flowed – and not always they way one might expect under particular administrations.

I’m trying to stay strong in the face of seemingly overwhelming condemnation for what I have always thought were core American beliefs, but I won’t lie and say I’m finding it easy. I’m hopeful that if I can make it through until April, Chomsky’s upcoming book Optimism over Despair (based on interviews) will have some tidbits that will help.

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