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The night of the latest US election was tumultuous for many of us. For me, it meant getting only a small amount of fitful sleep. My mind was racing about what I could do. (Which is telling, I suppose, as at that point I was barely concerned with how things happened, just that they had and that I needed to do something to help.)

Within that mental turmoil, I seized on an image of an inverted capital T – an anti-Trump symbol in my mind. The next morning I spent some time playing around with some designs. It was therapeutic as it kept my hands, eyes and brain engaged in something that, while small, was at least productive.

During that exploration I checked – as I try always to do – on alternate meanings of the inverted T. It never does to introduce a symbol to mean one thing only to find that it means something vulgar, silly, or even opposite in intent in another culture, language, etc. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that ⊥ is also used to convey “contradiction” or “unconditionally false” in mathematics. (And, also, “perpendicular to” in geometry.) So I found I had a symbol that directly referenced an inverse of Trump’s policies that already had very similar connotations in existing usage.

That feels powerful to me.

I released some graphics, made some jewelry, ordered some buttons and bumper stickers, and officially released the design to the public.

A silver metal inverted T charm suspended from a silver chain on a blue background with white stars reminiscent of the US flag.

It turns out this is my most popular jewelry design to date and the buttons and stickers are proving popular too. To be clear, I’m not trying to capitalize on the events in our country (though that would seem to be the most modernly American thing to do) and so I’ve priced everything well below what I would for purely aesthetic designs. My costs are covered and just enough extra is added to let me expand the line, but I’m not making bank on this.

If it means something to you, please use and share.

You can access high-resolution and vector images here:

By the way, the “Up Tack” character (⊥) is U+22A5 and the similar “Perpendicular” character (⟂) is U+27C2.

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