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I really can’t stand homophobia and living in a culture where being anything-but-straight is just gaining broad acceptance, every chance that we have to show people that homophobia will not be tolerated is a positive thing for me. Except when it goes to extremes – extremes are never good.

Danah Boyd reflects on the recent decision in the Dharun Ravi case. Ravi has been convicted of a list of crimes and, in many ways, blamed for the suicide of his gay roommate, Tyler Clementi. I believe Ravi’s actions are inexcusable and that he should bear some consequences for them, but this decision is extreme, placing the blame on Ravi for an environment of homophobia far beyond Ravi’s control.

“This case is being hailed for its symbolism, but what is the message that it conveys? It says that a brown kid who never intended to hurt anyone because of their sexuality will do jail time, while politicians and pundits who espouse hatred on TV and radio and in stump speeches continue to be celebrated. It says that a teen who invades the privacy of his peer will be condemned, even while companies and media moguls continue to profit off of more invasive invasions.”

I urge you to read this post (and more from Boyd when you can) and see if you think justice was done.


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